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April 13th, 2023

We recently asked our bodyshop audience what are the benefits of bringing ADAS calibrations inhouse.  Of those who responded, 44 per cent stated that they gain a reduction in key-to-key times, and 33 per cent said that by not employing a third party they were saving time and money.  Some 19 per cent also offered that they are opening new sales opportunities for their business.

The reduction in key-to-key time has huge benefits across the network as it means cars are returned to the customer sooner, courtesy cars are back and available for the next job, and there are no long dealer wait times or high invoice charges.

Understanding how reputable ADAS technologies can benefit repairers is key to ensuring they deliver effective results.  Our team of IMI trained technicians and sales support representatives are on hand to provide competency training on the toolbox of asTech products that Repairify offers to the market.

Today’s modern vehicles rely increasingly on sensors to deliver safer, more comfortable driving experiences.  ADAS such as lane departure, adaptive cruise control and blind spot assist systems all utilise different sensors including cameras, lidar and radar.

After a collision, it’s imperative that these sensors are properly recalibrated, according to manufacturer specifications, before a vehicle can safely return to the road. The asTech Digital ADAS Solution includes everything a repairer needs to calibrate the majority of ADAS systems as quickly as possible. Vehicles not covered by the base system can utilise our remote services to employ OEM software and equipment to get the job done.  This will minimise vehicle downtime for the customer and reduce key-to-key time for the repairer which, in turn, will keep everyone along the chain happy.  Our OEM and IMI trained technicians are able to access the correct technical documents to determine requirements and processes where necessary.

One busy Fix Auto shop recently remarked, “Our lead times are vastly reduced by keeping the diagnostics and calibrations inhouse.  We can put the vehicle in the bay and work on it the same day, reducing turn around by two to three days compared with outsourcing the job.  This means we have generated a new revenue stream for the business, increasing our profitability.”

The ADAS calibration market is one of the fastest growing in the automotive industry.  With a lack of specialists and more than 4.5 million cars with ADAS systems installed, there’s never been a better time to stop outsourcing jobs and invest in an ADAS calibration kit for your shop to reap the benefits of ADAS calibration inhouse.

With Repairify’s help, we can train your technicians on our equipment and have them competent in the usage of both our digital ADAS system and remote services. This will keep the majority of your work in-house along with the revenue stream.