Remote Services

Combine our local tools with the power of remote services and you’ll be returning more cars to the road safely, in the quickest time, without the need for the dealer or a subcontractor.

Why do I need Remote Services?

Remote Services exist to help you keep more repairs inside your workshop and out of the hands of contractors. Repairify’s All-In-One Device will cover the majority of vehicles you encounter, however for the jobs that require specialist OEM tools, there is Remote Services. Simply connect the VCI to the vehicle, raise a Remote Services request using the app, and the vehicle will be connected with our technicians to assist.

You will be able to utilise Remote Services if:

  • An insurer requires an OEM post-repair scan.
  • If the technician encounters a secure gateway.
  • When the technician’s tools are unable to perform the required function.
  • If you have your own ADAS equipment but cannot complete the repair with your current tooling.

Features and Benefits

  • Reduce key-to-key times – Forget waiting around for a subcontractor to perform complex repairs. By connecting to remote services, you can complete the job and have your customers on the road sooner.
  • Keep repairs in-house – No longer will you have to send the car back to the dealer to perform expensive repairs. Access the same tools the dealers do and keep the repair work in-house.
  • Receive a clear report – Once a remote service job has been completed, you receive a comprehensive report outlining the work completed.
  • Remote repairs covered by Repairify’s insurance. – Need our assistance? All remote services repairs are covered giving you that extra peace of mind.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Repairify’s Remote Services are an exclusive service available with the All-in-One Diagnostic Tool.

Our Remote Services team are able to work on almost any vehicles. Click here to view the full coverage sheet.

  1. Plug the Link™ VCI into the vehicle and make sure it’s connected to the internet
  2. Connect to a Remote Services Technician through the connected app on your device
  3. The technician chats with you online and runs the scan and performs any tasks.
  4. Once the scan is completed you’re emailed a complete report.
  5. All work is covered by Repairify’s Warranty.

Yes! The technician just needs to set up the calibration equipment in the correct position and log in via the All-In-One device.

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