Frequently Asked Questions.

Your All-In-One device will be delivered to you within 15 days of ordering and comes with everything you need to get started. The All-In-One device is ready to use immediately and our technicians will be ready to help with any technical support you or your team may need.

Your Digitial ADAS calibration unit may take a little longer to get to you, due to shipping requirements but we’ll keep you up-to-date and informed through the process. Working with you, we’ll also find a suitable time to visit your workshop to install the unit and train you and your team on how to use it.

You do that through the device itself. Select the ‘Diagnostics’ app located on the home screen, then click ‘scan’ and then ‘software update’ and follow the prompts.

Once you’re logged in you can update any of the software that requires updating.

The first time you activate the tool the updates will download in three batches which can take up to 20 minutes depending on your WiFi speed.

The best way we can explain it is in our Remote Services video, but here’s a breakdown of the steps:
1. Plug your All-In-One device into the OBD port of the vehicle and ensure that the battery support unit is connected.
2. Log into the portal on your device using your whole serial number and the last four digits as your password.
3. Go to ‘New Request’ and fill in the details of the vehicle. Use the VIN lookup to populate the make and model.
4. The Repairify Remote Services Technician will pick up your job and will chat with you to let you know the progress. They will then connect a tool in our data centre with the vehicle and complete the activity remotely.
5. The outcome of the original manufacturers scans, through Remote Services, will generate an automated report which will be sent to your designated email address.

We can operate on almost any manufacturer and vehicle, in fact it’s around 98% of the Australia car parc. To request a full breakdown of our coverage please get in touch.

We offer a few options for your workshop, which will depend on what services you want to provide. You can purchase just the All-In-One Diagnostic Tool for diagnostic and programming or just the Digital ADAS Calibration Unit to be able to do ADAS calibrations. Remote Services are coupled with both of these tools. Alternatively, you may wish to purchase both devices as a bundle.

The tools are available on a three-year subscription (including all licencing and update costs) and Remote Services are paid for as you use them. So, to discuss the solution that works best for your business, contact us and we’ll talk you through it all.

You can call our technicians between 7am and 6pm, Monday to Friday and 8am and 4pm, Saturday on 1300 489 252. We just ask that your tools are up to date before you contact us.

Questions? Get in touch!